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Apartment 1b, in Salcedo & Rockwell makes the comfort foodies shortlist

This fine purveyor of comfort food is at the top of my very, very, very short shortlist of establishments that got the whole comfort food bit deliciously right. Whether I’m binge-ing on burgers with ravenous girlfriends over boy talk at brunch time or inhaling foie gras (hello! Comfort does not always equal comfortably cheap) over power pow-wow parlance with fellow members of the corporate world, the A-1B experience is more than A-OK in my book.

As definitions go, comfort food is commonplace cuisine that brings you back to times past, something I like to call nostalgic noshing. You’ll find old time favourites – such as the scrumptiously fried-and-tested Fish n’ Chips – dominate the menu but to be honest, Apartment 1B is way too flash for this sort of commonplace connection what with its smart but casual pop art feel. I’d best describe it as reminiscent of Parisian cafés but with a contemporary touch.

Finding a spot to park is on the difficult side of convenient (unless you live in the neighbourhood or have a mate who lives in the surrounding condos) so cabbing it is always a hassle-free option. Once through the doors, I like to aim my bum in the direction of the couches as these I can just sink into for a good hour or two. Menu-wise, one can plump for a variety of cuisines but I always like to go back to a handful of dishes that satisfy my cravings.

For starters, there is the divine foie gras; superb on its own but when topped off with that wonderfully sweet and tart-ish combo of pineapple compote and raspberry-merlot sauce, I am almost beside myself with giddy glee. Then there’s my second love after the guilt-free (not really!) turkey burger – the Reuben. This killer sandwich is big on flavour and texture (beef pastrami, sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing on rye). I must say, one of my greatest regrets is that we hadn’t been introduced earlier. From time to time, I may also succumb to the Steak Frites (that’s juicy U.S. certified Angus rib eye, thank you very much) or the simple but impossibly succulent Poached Salmon with parsley potatoes and tomato hollandaise sauce.

Needless to say, thanks to the generous food coma-inducing servings, I usually don’t have room for dessert (save for when my girls are in a sharing mood) but then I like to get downright nostalgic with the calorific and velvety White Toblerone Cheesecake. Toblerone (the white especially) and cheesecake figured heavily in my childhood and it is a cake I adore making myself. It is simply comfort food in an urbane chic setting at its very best.

As always I grab my location and opening time information from the Lil Black Book. Now, off you go to Apartment 1b., tell ‘em Sarah sent you… yummy.


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